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Our range of low price kettles will keep you brewing without hurting the bank. We stock Morphy Richards, Kenwood and Braun kettles. This collection also includes Anti-Limescale Kettles.

How do I choose the best kettle for my kitchen needs?

Capacity: Look for a kettle that matches your typical usage. A larger capacity (1.5 litres or more) is useful for families, while a smaller kettle (1 litre) might suffice for individuals or couples.

Material: Stainless steel kettles are durable and maintain heat well, but glass or ceramic kettles can be more visually appealing and free of certain chemicals.
Speed: Check the wattage – higher wattage boils water faster. Typically, a kettle with 1500 watts or more offers quick heating.

Safety Features: Essential features include automatic shutoff, boil-dry protection, and a stay-cool handle to prevent burns.

Ease of Use: Look for a kettle with a comfortable, ergonomic handle, an easy-to-fill spout, and a simple interface. Cordless models add convenience.
Noise Level: Some prefer a quiet boil, especially in open-plan living spaces or offices.

Temperature Settings: If you are a tea or coffee aficionado, consider a variable temperature kettle to brew your beverage at the optimal temperature.